AdGard Consulting Services


Mission Statement: To provide the knowledge and tools in the property management field.

Motto: "Turn your skills into income".

Consulting services offered:

  • Purchasing rental property,
  • Property manager training,
  • Homeownership, and
  • Tenant's Rights. 

Christina Adenaike Gardiner is an accomplished real estate professional in the industry for over 20 years. As the Founder and CEO of AdGard Consulting, LLC, she has been a consultant on all aspects of building management throughout her career. Stakeholders, including owners and tenants dealt directly with Christina on all matters, resulting in personalized and streamlined outcomes. 

She has traveled and conducted workshops on various topics pertaining to property management, program compliance, mental health, reproductive health, and family relationships. Also, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh and Master of Business Administration degree from Eastern University. Currently, Christina resides in Pennsylvania. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting senior citizens and traveling internationally.

Her favorite quote is “Forget the mistake, remember the lesson.” (Unknown author)

You can follow on Instagram @AdGardConsulting.

Contact information: (email) or 267.571.1499 (phone)