Buy a Bright Colorful Ankara Cotton Fan Today from This African Fashion House!

Traditional African boutique, AdGard Fashions (267-571-1499) announces that it is launching a new collection! The fashion house launches its Ankara cotton fans.

Want to cool down for summer but still want to be fashionable? Then, this might be for you!

AdGard Fashions International, LLC launches its latest collection of Ankara cotton fans. The traditional ethnic African fans are a fun, colorful way to beat the heat!

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The newly launched collection highlights African culture and prints with Ankara fabric. Though it can be used every day, why don’t you try these fans as accessories for proms or special occasions?

Ankara fabric is usually characterized by its bright, colorful traditional patterns – yet the term describes how it is made rather than its design. The textile is also known as Holland or Dutch wax and uses a wax-resistant technique so that the colors do not fade despite repetitive washing.

The technique is also what helps make the colors appear brighter than traditional dying. This has made Ankara fabric the go-to choice for those who want to make a fashion statement.

Nevertheless, many fashion houses regard Ankara fabric as a unique way to showcase African culture. A wax textile is usually wrapped around a newborn African baby and becomes a part of their lives growing up. Each pattern and color is meant to describe a different story and culture. You can find further details at 

AdGard Fashions wanted to bring this colorful history into its collection but in a subtle way. You can use its Ankara cotton fans in warm and humid weather. The relatively medium size fans can be placed in a purse or bag. Be reminded that the fans can be folded.

Fans are an affordable and practical way to keep cool during the summer. Because the fans are made of cotton, you can spray your favorite perfume or essential oil on the fabric so that you will smell the fragrance as you move the fan back and forth.

The fashion house continues its mission of promoting traditional African culture.

CEO of AdGard Fashions, Christina Adenaike Gardiner, said, "Our mission is to make everyone look and feel beautiful in the style that fits them best from head to toe at affordable prices."

There’s nothing like this fashionable fan to keep you cool! Get yourself a fan today!

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