Handcrafted Mud Cloth Products Showcase Genuine African Ethnic Fashion

mud cloth pillows

Global supplier of genuine African fashion, AdGard Fashions, announces its updated collection of handcrafted and handwoven items. The store offers one-of-a-kind pieces.
Show your appreciation for traditional fashion with the latest collection of AdGard Fashions!

AdGard Fashions International, LLC, a global supplier of handcrafted ethnic items, announces its updated collection of authentic African mud cloth products. Each genuine mud cloth is handwoven using traditional methods and painted by hand using natural ingredients, ensuring that no two products are the same.

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The newly updated collection continues the mission of AdGard Fashions of promoting ethnic fashion to people around the world. Because each item is unique, the fashion brand advocates traditional African weaving methods and painting styles.

A featured item of the collection is the mud cloth reversible brim hats. The hat is made from 100% cotton and lined at the edges to keep its shape. Bright, colorful, and practical, the hats are recommended for strolling and can adequately protect the face from the sun. It’s best if you hand wash the item in cold water to prevent damage.

If you prefer ethnic fashion for your home, try the mud cloth pillows instead! These throw pillows measure 18-inches long and 18-inches wide and offer a decorative touch to any home. As with the mud cloth hats, each pillow is handwoven and made one at a time. This means that you receive a unique set each time. Further information can be found at https://adgardfashions.com/collections/home-decor/products/ankara-pillows

Because each product is handcrafted, you’re reminded that patterns vary and what you see in the store is different from what you will receive. Still, AdGard Fashions assures its clients of its high-quality and authentic products.

AdGard Fashions uses traditional weaving methods passed down from generation to generation. Through their products, they continue a legacy of weaving and encourage the younger generation to value the art of their ancestors.

With its updated collection, AdGard Fashions promotes ethnic African products to people around the world.

Christina Adenaike Gardiner, Founder and CEO of AdGard Fashions said, "Our mission is to make everyone look and feel beautiful in the style that fits them best from head to toe at affordable prices."

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