Get Ankara Themed Spandex & Cotton Socks At This African American Fashion Store

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Want to add a dash of color to your wardrobe? AdGard Fashions International has the traditional and contemporary African apparel and accessories you need to brighten any outfit! The company, which specializes in genuine African apparel and home decor products, has launched a new line of vibrant socks.

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This latest announcement helps you find high-quality socks in traditional and contemporary African colors and unique geometric patterns - online.

The AdGard Fashions collection includes apparel for men, women, and children and various home decor products featuring African designs. Much of the store’s clothing is made from Ankara, a cotton fabric featuring brightly colored prints.

The store has now expanded its collection to include a new line of socks, available in a range of ethnic designs and patterns. You can choose from Africa-themed color motifs such as sky-and-yellow, purple and orange, multi teal, leopard print, puzzle block, and more.

The broad range of designs and patterns pay homage to Kente, Ankara, and other traditional African wax prints.

The ethnic socks are made from a high-quality cotton and spandex blend, making them soft and stretchable. The products are also easy to care for, as they are machine washable and suitable for a tumble dryer.

Make your style statement with brilliantly colored socks that pay homage to Africa's rich and diverse fashion history!

International also carries a range of accessories for all occasions. You can now choose from the store’s Ankara fabric earrings, handbags, and shawls.

AdGard Fashions International is committed to providing American consumers with handmade products. Founded by successful businesswoman Christina Adenaike Gardiner, the shop has earned a reputation for its unique handmade products and designs.

A satisfied customer said, “AdGard Fashions International is my new favorite place for uniquely beautiful African wares. They have everything from rare mud cloth pillows to matching wraps, bags, and accessories to enhance every woman’s style. They bring quality and authenticity to each piece while offering something special for everyone and every budget.”

Look your best with African fashion accessories from AdGard Fashions International. Contact the store today to find out more about their beautiful products!

AdGard Fashions International has the African-themed products you need! Go to to add the store's vibrant socks to your wardrobe today!

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