Get The Best Traditional Nigerian Ankara Pattern Head Wraps, Bags, And Jewelry

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The online store pledges to provide clothing to suit any shoppers' wardrobes with the tagline "Let Our Fashion Fit Your Style." With its characteristic authentic Nigerian shapes, patterns, and colors, AdGard Fashions International brings a valuable element of diversity to the United States clothing market.

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This fabulous store also brings you stylish safety accessories in line with government advice regarding the current pandemic. AdGard Fashions International offers 6-in-1 No-Touch Multiple Use Keychains so you can open doors without making direct contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. The store also now stocks various 100% cotton, washable face masks which you can reverse for two different colorful designs.

The authentic African patterns which are a signature part of the company’s brand are known as Ankara, traditional wax prints that are common throughout West Africa. The process was originally influenced by the Indonesian batik method of dyeing cloth using wax-resist techniques. Ankara reflects founder and CEO Christina Adenaike Gardiner’s Nigerian heritage, helping to bring you the color and boldness of African dress through her unique clothing brand.

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One of the company’s most popular products are its 100% cotton Ankara Head Wraps, a functional and fashionable traditional West African accessory for women. Similarly, the Orange Peacock Ankara Skirt is another favorite among customers. It is constructed from a bold, bright fabric with a vivid pattern of blue peacock feathers on an orange background. The maxi skirt is lightly pleated with an elastic waist and two straps that you can tie in a bow. The waist is 28" flat and will stretch up to 52", whilst the skirt itself is 42" in length.

This recent update is in line with the company’s commitment to providing you with stylish clothing for all genders in bold, bright, traditional African prints. Find further details here

AdGard Fashions International is a women-owned business providing apparel that pays homage to the rich history of textile production among Nigerian women. The company has already begun to develop a strong reputation for its professional customer service and high-quality products.

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Gardiner said, “Our mission is to make everyone look and feel beautiful in the style that fits them best from head to toe at affordable prices.”

AdGard Fashions International is the colorful, contemporary provider of authentic African apparel that you can always rely on for bold, impactful styles - browse their website to find your next show-stopping outfit.

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