Get Authentic Coach Handbags & Matching Wallets At This Luxury Online Retailer

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AdGard Fashions International’s new mini-shop has everything you need to keep up with the latest luxury fashion trends.

The shop was put together by the mother of AdGard company founder Christina Adenaike Gardiner, who has years of experience curating designer wallets and handbags for shoppers like you.

You can start shopping at

Twins Tailoring Shop’s latest collection features a variety of high-end handbags, jackets, hats, scarves, and more. All of the items are authentic and produced by reputable designer brands.

The retailer offers a selection of 100% genuine leather handbags made by Coach and Michael Kors. You can choose from a range of different styles and colors, including turquoise, pale pink, white gold, yellow gold, and metallic brown.

You can browse the store’s full collection of designer handbags at ttps://

If you’re searching for an accessory to compliment your handbag, you can enjoy the store’s array of Coach and Michael Kors wallets, which are available in a number of different sizes. All handbags and wallets are sold separately from one another.

Twins Tailoring Shop also features women’s jackets made by British fashion retailer New Look and New York-based clothing brand Baccini. Each design includes a waterproof polyurethane leather shell and 100% polyester lining.

Other items in the store’s accessory collection include silky scarves, which are available in over 20 different patterns. Each multi-colored scarf measures 40 inches by 40 inches and is made from genuine polyester fabric.

In addition, the shop offers wide-brimmed hats in four unique styles: Black Diamonds, Black Metal Dot, Tan Chains, and Tan Buckle.

All of Twins Tailoring Shop’s apparel and accessories are non-refundable.

Have a question about a product? Just call up AdGard Fashions’ friendly customer support team at 267-571-1499!

In light of the new launch, Gardiner stated: “Let me introduce you to Twins Tailoring Shop, my mom's high-end unique products. She always had the eye for finding authentic beautiful designer handbags and wallets for customers. Now, you have the opportunity to check them out and purchase one yourself and/or another one for family or friend.”

It’s time to get yourself the real deal -- start browsing Twins Tailoring Shop’s authentic designer products today!

Head to so you can learn more.

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