Elegant Floral Print African Silky Scarves: Best Christmas 2021 Gifts For Women

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Do you want to celebrate your ethnic heritage with a fashion statement? Are you drawn to traditional African fabric designs? Either way, AdGard Fashions International has something for you!

The new scarf collection is designed for all occasions and includes over twenty different color and theme combinations. You will find various floral and animal patterns, as well as a spiritual "I heart Jesus" scarf. Can you think of a better Christmas gift?

Check out the new designs at https://adgardfashions.com/collections/silky-scarves

You'll love this new collection if you have a taste for ethnic African fabric designs or are searching for a unique, affordable combination of comfort and aesthetics.

Traditional African fabrics have an appeal for Western consumers due to their vivid dyes and designs, using individual colors with their own meanings. In modern times, they are usually crafted from cotton, palm, or silk materials.

You can choose between various unique designs featuring orange flowers, pink animals, burgundy gold, navy hearts, grey roses, gold tigers, and brown, black, white, and red color schemes. Each scarf measures 40 inches by 40 inches for a comfortable fit around the neck and over the shoulders and chest.

In their online store, you'll find many other products suitable for all genders and ages, including fabric handbags, bowtie sets, necktie sets, multi-color fabric jewelry, colorful unisex socks, mud cloth pillows, headwraps, skirts, fans, metal leather wristbands, and much more! Many of these products are made with Ankara prints, a kind of African wax print consisting of colorful cotton cloths dyed with complex patterns of dots and lines.

AdGard Fashions International was founded by Nigerian descendant Christina Adenaike Gardiner. Her work in the fashion industry is a tribute to Nigeria’s rich traditions of textile production. In addition to being the founder and CEO of AdGard, Gardiner is also an in-demand speaker at venues focusing on women’s and indigenous peoples’ empowerment, financial independence, and entrepreneurship.

Gardiner has said: “Our mission is to make everyone look and feel ‘beautiful’ in the style that fits them best from head to toe at affordable prices. We offer unique, colorful, authentic, and high-quality ethnic products for men, women, and children to fit their own fashion style, even for the home.”

Find the perfect ethnic pieces to compose your personal fashion statement.

Check out AdGard’s offerings at https://adgardfashions.com for the look that fits your unique fashion tastes!

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