You Can Order This African Multilayer Fabric Choker And Hoop Earring Set Online!

Looking for one-of-a-kind African jewelry that will WOW your friends and family? Check out this online shop's latest collection!

AdGard Fashions International has launched a new selection of multi-colored African fabric jewelry. The retailer features a range of authentic ethnic apparel and decor for men, women, and children.

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The latest jewelry collection includes unique fabric chokers, necklaces, and sets that you can wear for any occasion.

Traditional African fabrics are often recognized for their vibrant pigments and patterns, with each color symbolizing a different meaning. Today, African fabrics are typically produced from carefully crafted materials such as woven cotton, palm, or silk fibers.

AdGard Fashions International’s popular Multilayer Choker Jewelry Sets are available in a variety of different color combinations, including sequences of orange, blue, red, green, and yellow. The sets include a fabric choker and matching teardrop earrings. When purchasing your multilayer jewelry set, you can choose between a necklace length of 42 or 47 inches.

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Other necklace and earring bundles include those that were created from acrylic material with synthetic leather lining. The collection features six African-print fabric pieces embellished with gold and silver-colored metal.

AdGard Fashions International also offers an array of multi-colored fabric bib necklaces and chokers made from cotton fibers.

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The shop’s Colorful Ankara Fabric Earrings are offered in multiple sizes and styles, including round, teardrop, oval, and those in the shape of the African continent.

In addition to jewelry, AdGard Fashions International features an assortment of limited-quality clothing and home decor, including pillows, headwraps, handbags, face masks, wallets, skirts, and more.

If you have any questions or concerns about a product, you can call the retailer’s customer support team on weekdays at 267-571-1499.

Company founder and CEO Christina Adenaike Gardiner said: “I personally wanted to take a moment to welcome you to AdGard Fashions International, LLC. Our mission is to make everyone look and feel ‘beautiful’ in the style that fits them best from head to toe at affordable prices.”

Express yourself with beautiful colors and prints -- check out AdGard Fashions International's stunning fabric jewelry designs today!

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